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Community Outreach

To improve the quality of life in the community, CBSFA supports Community Outreach Programs both directly and through contributions made to support the efforts of other local organizations.


Elders Residential Assistance Program

CBSFA continues to provide annual payments to energy suppliers or housing entities on behalf of community elders age 55 and over.  The annual payment was increased from $3,500 to $4,000 in 2014 to help alleviate the increasing cost of living in rural Alaska.



Elders and Community Subsistence Donations

Our residents continue to be affected by the rising cost of living in many ways. Subsistence resources have become increasingly important to offset these rising costs. CBSFA created the Elder and Community Subsistence Donations Program to disburse Bering Sea seafood to community Elders throughout the year. Seafood products are also donated to various community events and to the local Food Bank. For 2019, CBSFA will be disbursing all major Bering Sea seafood species to the Elders halibut, crab, cod, and pollock.




Volunteer Tax Program 

An annual contribution is made to the Alaska Business Development Center to provide on island tax preparation assistance for community members.



Church Donation

Our contribution helps the Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church with various costs.



Volunteer Fire Department

Our funding provides updated safety equipment, learning material, and fire truck accessories necessary for the department’s new recruits, safety training, and emergency response.


City of Saint Paul

North Pacific Fisheries Management Council Travel/Consultation: CBSFA supports additional entity representation at the five North Pacific Fisheries Management Council meetings and is contributing funds for the airfare and hotel costs for two City team members to attend.  Additionally, funds will offset the City’s consultation costs that involve the halibut fishery.

ETT Training and Volunteer Appreciation: Our contribution was used towards the ETT trainer fee, airfare, equipment rental, training supplies, and shipping costs.  A contribution of $750 was designated to purchase items and present to ETT volunteers for their dedication.



TDX Youth Employment

CBSFA helps create job opportunities, not only within the organization, but also through support of other entities within the community.  In 2010, CBSFA began its support with a $20,000 contribution to the Tanadgisix Corporation’s Summer Youth Hire Program – a program that provides youth with opportunities and job-skill development.  They also engage in our traditional and cultural ways through participating in the community subsistence fur seal harvests, learning the proper techniques involved with the collection of the subsistence product.



Community Events and Programs 

Funds and purchases are contributed to events such as 4th of July and Labor Day celebrations, and to utility costs for the recreational center.




CBSFA provides contributions to funeral arrangements for families of CBSFA members.



Community Internet Service Contribution

This joint venture with the Tanadgusix Corporation (TDX) increases the local internet speed to our community.  The additional satellite bandwidth allows TDX to provide a more reliable internet service to St. Paul.




Tribal Government of St. Paul Island


Tribal Court: CBSFA’s contributions help with the administration costs associated with the court. The Tribal Court offers services such as probate and child welfare, is undertaking the Office of Justice Programs Tribal Court improvement project, the Txin Kanguux (TK) Court Program, and has agreed to work with the City of Saint Paul, Department of Public Safety by way of a Cross Deputization Agreement. 


Unangam Tunuu Revitalization: Contribution allows the youth to further build on their 2014 Unangam Tunuu Speaking, Listening, Teaching project.  In 2017 the group continued to immerse participants through a Summer Learning Intensive and continue developing the curriculum to speak, listen to, and teach Unangam Tunuu.  Specific tasks our funding helps to accomplish include: advancing on island team’s fluency, teaching and project management, being a resource for other communities striving to build their language utilization, and develop immersion abilities with children age 0-3 years old.


Marine Debris Cleanup: CBSFA’s matching funds to provide employment for ten residents for this seven-day cleanup.  Funds were also used to purchase supplies and cover some of the cost to ship the debris off-island.


Lunax Support: CBSFA covers 50% of the actual costs of insurance, repair and maintenance parts, fuel, and supplies for the quick response vessel.


Community Beautification Program: CBSFA paid for the painting of five Elder’s homes.