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Local Halibut Fishery

The local halibut fishery is a major source of employment, income, and subsistence for the community and our members.  Compared to CBSFA’s other groundfish allocations, halibut can be harvested with small boats and provides an opportunity for income to be earned directly by CBSFA members.  In addition to providing harvesting opportunities for the local fleet through its CDQ halibut allocation, CBSFA also provides support services for the fishermen through its Local Fleet Support Program, and has worked closely with Trident Seafoods to provide halibut processing services. 



In 2003, CBSFA created the CBSFA Halibut Cooperative (CBSFA Co-op) and began purchasing halibut from the local fleet with the goal of providing a competitive ex-vessel price.  2018 marks the 15th year since the CBSFA Co-op was created.  Since inception, the CBSFA Co-op has paid out over $40 million dollars of income to the local fishermen, and the fishermen have landed nearly 8.5 million pounds of halibut! 



CBSFA operates the local halibut fishery in conjunction with the local fishermen, Saint Boats LLC (F/V Saint Paul and F/V Saint Peter), and Trident Seafoods.  CBSFA purchases the halibut from the local fleet and partners with Trident Seafoods to process and market the fish.  Any CDQ not able to be caught by the local fleet is leased to our own boats, the F/V Saint Paul and F/V Saint Peter, if they are available at the end of the season.