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Education & Training

CBSFA believes that healthy, well-educated kids are critical to the welfare of the community and makes it a priority to provide funding in a variety of ways to support educational success.



CBSFA began its support for the Montessori Program in the spring 2007 semester, and has continued it since.  The program provides early education and activities for kids age three to five and is fully funded by CBSFA.  Over the years the style of teaching has shifted more towards a preschool curriculum, a structure that provides an advantage to kids as they enter kindergarten by developing social, reading, and communication skills. 



Funding helps support the 5th grade class trip, middle school basketball team trip, and the high school graduation.



Scholarships and Training Grants

Since 1993, CBSFA has been providing scholarship and training grants for post-secondary education and vocational training to eligible individuals.  Over the years, 50 individuals who were awarded financial aid have successfully received a certification and/or earned one or multiple degrees.  The purpose of this program is to be able to train and educate our people and to provide incentives for them to return to our community to build their careers.





St. Paul School Fuel Tank

CBSFA’s contribution provides the St. Paul School with a new, customized Greer fuel tank.  This infrastructure support ensures the safety of our students, staff and school building itself.


Bering Sea Pribilof Islands Science Education Program

Bering Sea Days promotes science education for Pribilof Island students focusing on Climate Change.  The Ecosystem Conservation Office continues to provide a hunter education and safety course for interested students 12 years and older.  Students began working with Wild Lens, Inc. to develop an outreach and promotion video of Bering Sea Days. 


The 5-day ECO summer camp teaches Pribilof students age six and older, focuses on marine ecology, effects of climate on prey species of the Bering Sea, and fish biology and ecology. 


BSPISE Expansion, Workforce Development and Community Sustainabilty Program

Funding for 2018 provides for active management of a Science Technology Engineering Math Program which includes various educational and training opportunities that are offered on island to all age groups.  Some of the ongoing projects include Career Resource Centers, Drone Training Program, Pribilof Days, ECO Summer Programming, Bering Sea Days, Youth Leadership Summit, and an Audio/Visual Intensive Training Program.