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FV Saint Peter

CBSFA built its second Fred Wahl Marine Construction 58 foot combination vessel in 2011.  Although nearly identical to the F/V Saint Paul, the F/V Saint Peter received some safety and efficiency modifications.  It has the newer Tier II electronically controlled Cummins QSK-19 main engine which has more horsepower and is more fuel-efficient.  It utilizes John Deere generators, which are also Tier II and better for the environment and reducing fuel consumption.  The Saint Peter received a 20” bow thruster to increase safety when parking in high wind conditions during the winter cod season as well as a state of the art WAASP system.  The WAASP incorporates bathometric mapping technology that allows us to map the seabed in fine detail and will be helpful for catching halibut, sablefish and Pacific cod.  In addition, the Saint Peter received an eighth bunk to accommodate an observer when required by the National Marine Fisheries Service starting in 2013.



FV Saint Paul

The FV Saint Paul is the most recent vessel investment for CBSFA/SPFC. Before this investment, CBSFA had leased numerous pounds of CDQ halibut and a significant number of locally held IFQ had remained unharvested due to a lack of catching power. This new vessel has made up for that lack of catching power and ensures all pounds available locally can be caught. This vessel also provides fisheries training and local employment.

  • Approved by both CBSFA & SPFC boards unanimously
  • The Vessel Construction Agreement between SPFC and Fred Wahl Marine Construction was signed on October 28, 2007
  • Construction of the vessel began October 29, 2007 with and was completed in June 2008
  • 100% owned and managed by CBSFA/SPFC
  • The vessel is 58' x 26' and fishes for halibut, cod and sablefish



CBSFA/SPFC owns 75% of the Starlite as well as 75% of the Pollock, Pacific Cod, Tanner Crab and Bristol Bay Red King Crab that the vessels earned.




CBSFA/SPFC owns 75% of the Starward as well as 75% of the Pollock, Pacific Cod, Tanner Crab and Bristol Bay Red King Crab that the vessels earned.


Fierce Allegiance


The Fierce Allegiance fishes pollock and crab. CBSFA/SPFC owns 30% of this vessel.


Early Dawn


The Early Dawn specializes in Aleutian Island Golden King Crab, but also fishes Opilio and Bristol Bay Red King Crab. CBSFA/SPFC owns 30% of this vessel.